custom built exhaust

Custom Built Exhaust

Profusion Customs should be your first choice for a Custom Built Exhaust, simply because we fabricate and fit the best Custom Built Exhaust in any vehicle. Fully welded silencers that deliver an exciting deep tone with NO boy racer noise with performance to match.

 The fact that you are reading this page shows you are in the market for a new stainless steel exhaust system; firstly it is crucial to establish a few things, ask yourself, why do I need a stainless steel exhaust system? Is it because:

  •    You've Had a cheap stainless exhaust fitted, and it's too loud?
  •    Have you noticed a loss in performance?
  •    Are you looking for more performance?
  •    Are you looking for a better and deeper sound?
  •    Do you Want to change the way your car looks?
  •    Do you want it to last a lifetime?
  •    Are you experiencing emission issues?
  •    Is your exhaust making unusual noises?
  •    Has the exhaust come to its end due to rust?
  •    Are you having difficulty finding an original replacement?
  •    The last replacement exhaust didn't last long?
  •    The catalytic converter is not functioning?
  •     The car's fuel consumption has gone high?

As you can see, the list is never-ending because everybody has a different reason, one thing is for sure, whatever the motive, we have the precise solution. Stainless steel exhausts are built to last a lifetime and can be more expensive than original mild steel ones whereas in some cases it's cheaper.

There are two types of stainless steel exhaust companies in the UK. One is a franchise, which can be set up by anyone even without prior mechanical knowledge; the other is specialists like us who have access to the best products on the market and have a wealth of experience.

Franchises may lack access to the right products for your car; they may have poor quality and ethics but are usually cheaper than going to a specialist. Competition between franchisees means some end up cutting corners on their work and some have closed down and left a lot of unhappy customers behind. This is one of the reasons we have bookings up to three months in advance, correcting them.

If you don't mind a boy racer sounding exhaust and just looking for the cheapest, your only option is to go to a franchisee or amateur company, but don't complain later that the car is too loud with Drone resonating in the cabin or the company has disappeared. What some customers don't realise is that we are not that expensive either, if only they came to see us first. Take a look at this short video a customers asked us to produce as he was so angry that he was ripped off by a so called competitor.

exhaust for classic car
exhaust for truckexhaust for sports car

Our Procedure


One of the first steps is to get a quotation. As much as we love to give you a quote over the phone, we realise that this is not the best option. It's like asking for a made to measure wedding suit and explain measurements, colour style over the phone. The correct method is to bring the car to our workshop for visual inspection; this is where the exhaust technician will be able to discuss and understand your driving habits and how you want the exhaust to look, perform and sound and complete a work sheet. We have had many customers who have travelled to us from all parts of the UK but in some circumstances it does not make logistical sense to visit us for a quote and bring the car back for the work, therefore if you are more than 50 miles from our premises you can email us pictures of the underside, and call  for a guide price, once you are happy, a date can be agreed and pay a holding deposit to reserve, all you have to do now is bring the car in on the specified time and date and let us build you an exhaust system that will complement your vehicle.


Once your car arrives, we will again confirm the work; you can also finalise the tailpipe choice, etc.  We then photograph of the old system, possibly make a video recording, and if requested we may even take a sound level DB reading.


Once the vehicle is on the ramp, we carefully remove the old system, if you wish to retain your old exhaust you are welcome to take it with you (except cats and DPF’s), please let us know before the work begins.


Depending on your order, we will start at the front and build the exhaust in sections; we will start the engine and start the car with no exhaust to gauge the sound level and use appropriate silencers to get to as near to the sound you expect.

We are proud to take our time and make sure the system is built as high as possible for maximum ground clearance, and tailpipes perfectly aligned, paying attention to any areas that would cause the exhaust to bang or scrape against the body. The system gets a final chemical clean followed by a test drive over speed bumps, once we are happy with the results only then, we take our final pictures and deliver the vehicle.