Mandrel Built Exhaust


Mandrel Bent Exhaust

When it comes to having an exhaust, system built for maximum performance, it is crucial to have a mandrel bent exhaust, the tube bends are uniform and not crushed, which causes a restriction while the gases need to vacate quickly. A mandrel bent exhaust has a consistent internal diameter throughout its path.  Typical exhaust systems built by manufacturers, especially on higher-end vehicles, are made using mandrel pipes as opposed to crush-bend pipes.

Most exhaust shops can only build exhausts using the crush-bent system; this is because a mandrel bending machine can cost anywhere from £20,000-£250,000. Here at Profusion Customs, we can build either; this is because we have invested heavily in specialised tooling to manufacture mandrel bends.

Most road vehicles will not benefit from having a mandrel exhaust built for performance and speed. A crush bent system is adequate, and the cost is lower. Complete our quick quote form or better still run your car over, so the exhaust technician can understand how you want it to look, perform, and sound and give you a quotation.