Sound Booster

A sound Booster is one of the best upgrades for diesel or electric cars.

Sound Booster

Make your Diesel car sound like V8

A sound Booster is one of the best upgrades for diesel or electric cars. The Sound Booster makes your car sound like a high-powered petrol engine. One of the biggest complaints we receive from diesel car owners is that there is no sound from the car, which makes for a boring drive. Some individuals have listened to unqualified people and removed all silencers from the exhaust. Making it a straight pipe system but regret the choice due to drone issues, some even go as far as to remove the DPF (making the car illegal to drive on public roads). Wouldn’t it be great to make a diesel car sound exciting like a high-power petrol engine? Well, now, there is an option, a Sound Booster.

A sound booster can be fitted to modern diesel vehicles which make the car sound like a high-powered V8 petrol engine. Sound booster consists of a module, connected to the ECU of the vehicle, and a sound box that delivers the tone. It can be installed in a day and works in line with the engine, so every acceleration increases the sound accordingly.

We have installed over 100 units so far with exceptional results. It is similar to a system installed in diesel Maserati vehicles. The options are approximately five sounds that can be selected by remote control depending on your mood, switch it off, and you are back to a standard diesel sound. Another great thing about this module is that it can be transferred to another vehicle.

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