Turbo Back


Manifold / Turbo Back

For some people, it is crucial to have their vehicle running at its peak performance. One section of the exhaust is usually overlooked however for dedicated car tuners; this is a relevant section, it is the pipework coming just off the manifold or the turbo.

Manufacturers build this to pass the emission control and sound and may not be a large enough diameter to unleash additional power. If you have had a larger turbo installed, or plan to have a supercharge system along with other tuning upgrades, this is a section that can have a significant impact.

Here at Profusion Customs we can build you a tubular manifold and upgrade your exhaust system right from the start. Some exhaust companies have mass-produced these sections; however, customers have always had issues installing them due to misaligned fittings. We will fabricate by hand a downpipe built with greater accuracy for a perfect fit.

 Run your car over to ask for a visual inspection, and we can quote you for a Turbo-back or downpipe as well as the entire exhaust.