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Going Global

21 Oct 2015

pro bomb

Profusion Customs to launch a new e-commerce website, 2016 will see the introduction of a completely new redesigned e-commerce website to cater for the international market as well as home, there was a distinct need where fabricators, DIY enthusiasts, motor racing experts could acquire any exhaust part from a single outlet, there will be new search facilities to locate a specific part.

Profusion customs has always supplied professional exhaust builders with high quality products at unbeatable prices, this trend will continue throughout 2016 it will also see the introduction of more products as well as tooling.


12 Oct 2015

pro bomb

Due to the phenomenal results achieved after attending the world famous Autosport Show in NEC Birmingham in 2015 Profusion Customs are pleased to announce, they will be attending again in 2016, show dates are from January Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th with a 7 meter stand.

The stand number 8741 will be positioned in the Trade and Technical area, which is the most prominent position.

This stand will be further enhanced due to visits from Daniele Deserti, the European sales director of Magnaflow, Victor Franco from icengineworks and Barry Adler from QTP, should anyone wish to meet them personally will be welcome, however please contact us prior to the show to confirm times.

Profusion Customs Latest Project Car

27 Dec 2014

pro bomb

Profusion customs have always managed to build a project car at the same time as building the business, there should always be a fun side, this latest project is not for the fainthearted, they have decided to take on and modify a Porsche 964, the journey started over a year ago, when they spoke to the chairman of the UK Porsche club and asked if they could help locate a vehicle, having conducted some research there were very specific on the vehicle they needed to find, it had to be in 1991 vehicle onwards and obviously it had to be the 964 model, manual gearbox was an absolute must, the roof should not have the sunroof built by manufacturer and to top it all has to be the Carrera 4, this seemed a tall order however the search was international not just confined to the United Kingdom.

Another thing I learned fairly quickly was a prices for these vehicles were rising and the fear was if they didn’t acquire a vehicle quite soon it may be out of budget and another project would have been taken on board instead, luckily this vehicle was located in Japan where it had been cared for by one previous owner, very well maintained as with a lot of cars that come out of Japan they are always rust free and due to their maintenance programs there are always maintained to extremely high standard, as soon as they were made aware of this vehicle they had made the decision that they would purchase at whatever cost.

Full details of this project will be made available on the website but early indications are this vehicles will end up as a bi-turbo wide-bodied, all singing and dancing whistling and banging vehicle.

Pro Bomb Sales Rocket

22 Dec 2014

pro bomb

The Pro Bomb muffler designed and manufactured by Profusion Customs has seen sales rocket, the reason is quite simply down to being able to supply a high quality product at an extremely unbeatable price, the pro bomb has a unique advantage over other bombs available in the market and that is the tailpipe is made of stainless steel, this is always an issue for people that purchased inferior brands where there tailpipe would rust and discolour, now consumers have a product that will look good. Profusion Customs are well known to produce innovative products one of the most ground-breaking features of the pro bomb is the fact that it comes with a staggered multi-stepped in inlet pipe this is a first for the exhaust industry, which will allow various diameter tubing to be fitted directly without the need for additional reducers. The features go on whereby most companies producing similar types of products will only have a very narrow diameter core pipe this would restrict flow and reduce performance and increase fuel consumption, Profusion Customs made sure that the core diameter remains constant throughout the pro bomb which allowed gases to vacate quickly and helped maintain or increase vehicle performance.

Due to customer demand Profusion Customs market the pro bombs in various colours, cherry red, black, sunshine yellow, racing Green they also have in the pipeline to be able to offer customers specific colours depending on customer requirement. For those who are looking for something a little bit more special there is always the stainless steel version.

This is a product for people who want to be heard before they are seen and creates a really awesome deep tone not available from other bombs available in the industry.

Icengineworks™ Launch at NEC Autosport show January 2015

15 Oct 2014


Profusion Customs are proud to announce icengineworks™ , a precision exhaust manifold modelling system invented by Victor Franco of Evolution Tuning in Texas will be exhibiting at the Autosport show in 2015.

Profusion Customs are the official distributors for MagnaFlow Performance Exhausts and have become the exclusive European distributors for this latest innovative product by icengineworks, it allows companies to manufacture exhaust manifolds in less time but with a greater degree of accuracy, which means that for the first time equal length manifolds can be created and designed on the car directly, a must for Motorsport and enthusiasts.

Profusion Customs have already gained ground and respect as one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel exhaust parts and components in UK and Europe, working from their Head office near Heathrow, London, fabricating bespoke custom built exhausts for any car, they are manufacturers, distributors, stockists and installers with online shops on the internet.


2 Sept 2014

Having a registered trademark is a must for any company looking to protect their brand or service, it allows companies to take legal action against anyone uses the brand without permission, including counterfeiters, the ® symbol next to the registered name shows that it is yours and warned others against using the same name it furthermore allows companies to sell and license their brands.

Registering for a trademark is an expensive process and takes time, Profusion Customs applied to protect their brand, PROFUSION® and on 14 June 2014 they received notification that they now own their own registered trademark.