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by Arthur on Profusion Customs
It is a monster !!! With Qtp opened

HiJust to say few words , have been driving the car for a week now . It is amonster !!! With Qtp opened up is so much fun and driving through LondonCity in a Sunny Sunday get just so much attention . I know is the car toobeing unusual mode for UK but first they hear it then they see it .Brilliant job Guys . Thank You very much .Please let me know if you find out about Magnaflow Headers for my Chally .I might be back soon to fit new cats and headers .

by Stephen Doody on Profusion Customs
QTP Valve system exhaust
Car: GT86

Reviewed on Facebook page but in any case can't say enough good things about these guys, professional, friendly and produced an exhaust for me which was beyond expectations, no drone on the motorway whatsoever with valve closed and all the fun you want in a tunnel with the valve open, will definitely be re visiting with the next car as well

by Alex Knight on Profusion Customs
Car: AC 289 scratch build

A one off build. Nothing on this car is easy or quick. (And I am an obsessive perfectionist.)I don't draw well yet despite my dodgy sketches, and mad description, the exhaust is exactly what I wanted.There is nearly no clearance between the engine and chassis backbone. I feared the space was too tight to use large diameter mandrel bent tube without moving the engine, gearbox, propshaft and differential which would have required redesign of the mountings and the firewall. I shouldn't have worried. Downpipes were made curl around the engine cradle and chassis rails, masterfully avoiding the starter and brake booster. It's not just a testament that these were made but also that they are removable and serviceable in such a convoluted space.Surprisingly quiet considering that there is only space for half the length of a conventional centre and backbox. The entire exhaust weighs considerably less than the one I made originally.Most important is the heat management. My previous system bled a great deal of latent heat into the engine bay through poor flow and too much radiant surface area. This was so bad that I once boiled my fuel pot dry on a hot day. With my new exhaust, the under bonnet temperature has dropped drastically. I no longer fear breakdown or fire.Most of the exhaust is visible which made critical it's position, the design of the collectors and the finish, - and it looks stunning. I asked for it not to be polished as the degree of skill and artistry in making this can be seen in the welds. It gives the car the passionate, hand crafted feel it was crying out for.Profusion, gentlemen engineers.11/10

by Philip McNamara on Profusion Customs
Best custom exhaust company by far
Car: Jaguar XJ

I have to give you guys the best review for building me the best exhaust, having wasted time and money listening to my so called friend who suggested I went to a local company who were very cheap, well what a mistake that was, turned out they gave me a loud exhaust which made my motorway driving an embarrassing hell.Found Profusion Customs after I went looking for a solution, I wish I found you guys earlier, teach me a lesson for listening to idiots, thank you for building me a perfect sounding exhaust, ( NO BOY RACER SOUND) haha.To all who read this review, make sure you know what products are being installed in your car, most companies will never show what they are installing until its too late, by then they have your money.Thank you so much Profusion.

Refreshing professionalism
Car: BMW 630i cab

A company that works to the high standards of yesterday year rarely encountered today. Their professionalism and superb product make for a wonderful experience. After installation I had the my diff removed and subsequently my new exhaust had not been refitted correctly. Took it back to profusion and explained and they sorted it pronto. Don't be fooled by ******** and alike. Profusion and magnaflow are superb. POWER PERFORMANCE PRICE and SOUND.CHEERS Raj and Jag.

by Sukhy on Profusion Customs
Magnaflow M5
Car: BMW E60 M5

Simply blown away!!!!awesome sound from my new system and i've only had it on for a day. Can't wait till it wears in, as I was told it will sound even better.First Class service from a First Class outfit. Raj is knowledgeable and his advise is 2nd to none. if you want your Beast M5 to sound and go even better then there is only 1 place to go and that'sProfusion Customs

by Chris Hirsch on Profusion Customs
Racing exhaust created from old Le Mans photo
Car: 1937 Morgan 4-4

The guys did a great job designing a side exhaust from one old racing photo. Fantastic workmanship. It looks right, it sounds right and has increased performance. What more could I want!A BIG THANK YOU.

by Steve Cooke on Profusion Customs
Vehicle Jeep Wrangler Sahara Sport 2014 model
Car: Jeep Wrangler Sahara Sport 2014

Five years ago I owned a Jeep Wrangler TJ and was looking to improve the look, sound and see a few more points on the BHP! In my search I came across a small specialist company called Pro-Fusion Customs based in Colnbrook near the airport.I met Jag and Raj for the first time and I was impressed with their approach, understanding what the customer actually wanted to achieve, and of course delivered a beautiful solution within my budget, but most importantly met my all my expectations of what I wanted from the conversion.Now to my current Jeep experience and that is what it is, it’s an experience, of taking a standard fit unit and looking objectively at what you can do, within reason and a limited budget. As before both Jag and Raj spent time with me discussing the options and also taking in to consideration my expectations and what I wanted in looks, sound, performance and efficiency .......all I can say is the finished results met all expectations, and has given my Jeep a unique look and presence on the road, I only need to look in my rear view mirror to see other drivers admiring the beautiful purposeful two twin tail pipes that only just begins to tell the story and fuel the imagination...! ...............................Not to mention the re-worked plumbing to create a twin exit configuration, which is just as well executed under the skin, with skill and perfection, you can just feel the love that has gone into the finished pipes.Needless to say I am more that pleased with the results!  which makes my Jeep feel special to me, which I guess is the whole point!I can only recommend anyone considering to change or upgrade their exhaust system, just talk to Pro-Fusion, they don’t just talk the talk, they deliver a quality solution first time, with a reputation that is growing fast not only in the UK, but Europe too! Just enjoy the experience!Thanks Jag & Raj...............Steve Cooke (A very satisfied customer)

by David M on Profusion Customs
Impressive service and results
Car: Toyota Corolla T Sport

I’d already undertaken some improvements to my T Sport (slightly lower and stiffer suspension, a Blitz air filter, high performance brake discs & pads) and wanted to replace the original 14-year-old exhaust with a cat back stainless steel system.Finding a company that had consistently good reviews was harder than I thought! I eventually discovered Profusion Customs and even though it entailed travelling from Cornwall, I’m glad I chose them. I was treated with courtesy and they explained in detail how they would tailor the system to my requirements.I now have a quality system that sounds purposeful and fruity but not ‘boy racer’ and which, more importantly, provides greater torque and responsiveness.The car has just been for an annual service and MOT and I asked the mechanics to give a professional opinion of the new exhaust. They said: ‘It’s the best we’ve seen! High quality materials and fittings, excellent forming and welding and perfectly fitted (centred in the channels in the chassis so as not to knock against anything).”So, based on my experience, I give my thanks and a big thumbs up to Profusion Customs.

by Joost Bob on Profusion Customs
Car: BMW 735i

Profusion Customs did a perfect and tasteful job on my classic BMW 7 series (1984). I love my car and I like originality. I'm 25 now and bought my BMW direct from the first owner 5 years ago. Because I want to keep this beauty the rest of my life, I looked for the best guys for the job. Thanks a lot guys, you did it!I asked for a full, custom made exhaust, original look and sound. Because of the materials it sounds slightly deeper now, but I love it. It drives smoother as well. Highly recommended.

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