BMW 840 Custom build performance exhaust

Custom Built Performance System

Original BMW 840 Custom build performance exhaust is built in such a way that it causes excessive back pressure which does not allow the engine gasses to vacate quickly causing loss of performance and excessive fuel consumption. Most original exhaust systems are made of mild steel, which can deteriorate over time and when the time comes to replace it, the dealer replacement parts can cost anywhere into the thousands. We have the perfect solution for your BMW 840 Custom build performance exhaust , we can replace your existing exhaust system with a custom built bespoke T-304 grade stainless steel exhaust, which comes with lifetime warranty, we will only supply high quality branded Magnaflow and Profusion components and fabricate the exhaust for a perfect fit.

With a massive range of mufflers we can help you achieve the perfect sound you require; your choices are quiet mid or loud. Our mufflers have been dyno tested to deliver Quality, Power and Sound. The Wide open technology allows your engine to breath freely without restrictions which in turn delivers an increase in performance.

Profusion Customs are UK’s Exclusive Distributor for Magnaflow & the Largest Stockists outside of Magnaflow

QUALITY – As Market leaders, we supply and fit high end custom stainless steel exhausts using premium components and the latest technology, backed with a lifetime warranty for total peace of mind.

POWER – With years of experience we’ve learned that automotive enthusiasts always want more. If it doesn’t produce power, we don’t supply it.

SOUND – You want to have the best sound possible. With this in mind, our mufflers have a free flowing, straight through design with a perforated stainless steel core mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill to deliver that smooth distinct, deep tone, to ensure long life and NO SOUND DEGREDATION.

When we build a stainless steel exhaust system we take the following into account:

  • Welds are well penetrated.
  • No holes or gaps left in welds
  • Only stainless steel welding wire will be used.
  • Visually check hard to see areas using Mirrors and probe cameras.
  • Position exhaust away from plastic and rubber parts.
  • Avoid damaging other parts while removing or re-building.
  • Make sure there is no strain on the system.
  • Fitted high as possible for maximum ground clearance.
  • Hanger points are secure and sound.
  • The correct mufflers are used for the right sound
  • Bends have smooth transitions for faster flow
  • Tail pipes are aligned visually for perfect alignment.
  • Dual systems have similar symmetry.
  • Joins are clamped securely with no leaks.
  • Dual systems have equal smoke from perfect Y-Pipes
  • If X pipe is used it is fitted at the right distance from engine.
  • Thorough inspection before delivery.
  • Road test on speed bumps check.
  • No other company has such a high standards of quality control, when we build your system it is built with a lot of care. We only specialize in exhausts and tuning, nothing else.

We can offer you free technical support to help you make the right decision, read our free exhaust-buying guide for more information.

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We Can Replace Any Exhaust Part:

  • Faulty Lambda sensor
  • Faulty Catalytic converter
  • Faulty DPF (Diesel Particle Filter)
  • Worn or broken Flexi pipe
  • De-cat pipe
  • Tips or Tailpipe replacement
  • Damaged or worn Mufflers
  • Damaged or worn Tubing
  • Broken Hangers
  • Broken Mountings
  • Small section to full cat-back exhaust system.
  • Stainless steel manifolds for street or race
  • Turbo Manifolds
  • Leaking flanges