Stainless Steel Exhausts


[dcs_one_third] [dcs_span bold=”true” color=”#FFA319″]QUALITY[/dcs_span] – As Market leaders, we supply and fit high end custom stainless steel exhausts using premium components and the latest technology, backed with a lifetime warranty for total peace of mind.

[dcs_span bold=”true” color=”#FFA319″]POWER[/dcs_span] – With years of experience we’ve learned that automotive enthusiasts always want more. If it doesn’t produce power, we don’t supply it.

[dcs_span bold=”true” color=”#FFA319″]SOUND[/dcs_span] – You want to have the best sound possible. With this in mind, Our mufflers have a free flowing, straight through design with a perforated stainless steel core mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill to deliver that smooth distinct, deep tone, to ensure long life and no sound degradation.

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The building process starts with; listening to your requirements, you will be able to discuss the project with our highly skilled exhaust technician, who will be able to advise you with all the options available to you for creating the end result. A planed drawing of the final system will be provided which will please you and your budget.

We take pictures and record a video of the existing system and the build process begins by removing the old exhaust and by using precision measuring tools we will start to fabricate the stainless steel exhaust using T-304 grade stainless steel. We will only use TIG and MIG, both processes are very different and if a stronger weld is needed in certain areas then MIG will be used. The work is usually started at the front and work is conducted to the tail pipes, at every stage the exhaust is strategically installed in the best position to give clearance all round and paying attention to the height to give you ground clearance. Some areas take a lot of work especially over axel systems; however you will be assured a perfect fit, so no knocks and bangs while driving.

The tail pipes take the most time because we are passionate about making the tips look symmetrical, so they look even when viewed from behind, if you have opted for a dual exit and body modifications need to be made you can be confident they will fit and look great.

The next process is to inspect the system visually and conduct a leak test to make sure all the joins are sealed; a second engineer is introduced to give the final sign off, once this is done a sound meter takes a reading to provide an accurate db (Decibel) reading and finally a photographer will take pictures of the entire system and followed by a video film recording the sound, you now have a high quality exhaust system which will give you peace of mind.

This is an optional stage however we recommend all modern vehicles have the ECU re-mapped to instruct the cars computer that a new exhaust has been fitted, this is a crucial element to unleash the maximum potential of your vehicle. You are now ready to have some real fun and enjoy your vehicle.


[dcs_heading align=”left” size=”2″]Testimonials[/dcs_heading] [dcs_p em=”true”]“To the chaps at Profusion – a massive THANK YOU!…I asked for that distinctive deep V8 American Muscle car sound, but I didn’t want drone at all…The guys at Profusion were great…I drove back taking a long 100 mile route. Honestly, there was zero drone in the low and high rev ranges. The sound was intoxicating. Not to loud but just a beautiful deep rumbling sound. I absolutely love it.”
-Nikul Odedra[/dcs_p] [dcs_p]“I would highly recommend Profusion Customs to build your performance exhaust system, as I needed to drive my BMW 545 back to my home in Scotland they worked on it till 11 PM Saturday night just so as I could have an early start on Sunday. That to me spoke volumes, excellent people it was a pleasure to do business with them.”
-Mr Peters[/dcs_p] [dcs_p]“I run a windscreen repair business and know many people in the automotive industry, I was recommended to talk to profusion customs and just wanted a de cat pipe on my Audi, not only did I get an excellent quote but they did the job for me while I waited and recommend them highly.”

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We supply, what is regarded as the best Performance Stainless steel Exhausts in the world. With a comprehensive range of products and over 3000 Parts, there is a system for any vehicle.

[dcs_p][dcs_img_left][/dcs_img_left] Custom stainless steel exhausts can be built in part or the entire system, whatever your requirement we can build it. Sometimes having a stainless steel replacement exhaust built is cheaper than a ready to fit mild steel system that is prone to corrosion.

Talk to us about your project and what you would like to achieve and our technical advisors can make your aspiration a reality, at rates to suit your budget. With a range of silencers that can deliver various sound levels. There are many companies that offer so called stainless steel exhausts, but MagnaFlow is the only one which shines as the outstanding leader, for quality, Power and that unique deep tone Sound.[/dcs_p] [dcs_img width=”265″ height=”100″ align=”center” url=”″ framed=”black” lightbox=”false”][/dcs_img]