Smart forfour Stainless Steel Exhaust System

This customer had an exhaust system installed from another company but was very unhappy with the loud knocking sound he would get from the exhaust system, especially as there is a lot of movement in the engine it came to us saying he did not want to go back to that company and asked us to rebuild the entire system again for him, upon closer inspection we could see areas that were poorly rebuilt, they had installed a flex pipe in the middle of a straight tube after the engine mount now this did absolutely nothing to reduce movement or vibration but allowed to remain would certainly have damaged the expensive manifold, there is a reason why a flex pipe is installed and there is a reason where it should be installed obviously there was no understanding of this when they did the job, the downpipe was touching the gearbox therefore causing excessive heat which would cause the oil to cook which in turn would deteriorate the seals inside the gearbox causing gearbox failure, and it also seems that they have not used stainless steel Mig wire for the welds this is possibly because a roll of stainless steel wire can cost almost £200 whereas mild steel wire can cost £15.

The exhaust was so badly fitted that it actually ripped the body mountings due to the excessive movement and strain on the system causing irreparable damage. The tailpipes were so misaligned that the heat started to burn the plastic bumper.

The entire system was removed and rebuilt properly again the customer had to pay twice for the job.