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Exhaust Cutout

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control the volume of your exhaust sound as easily as you would your car stereo, well now you can: up until now there was no way this was possible because once the exhaust has been fitted to your car that’s it, the only way to raise or lower the sound was to change the mufflers, certainly not a cheap alternative. Exhaust valves are the answer.QUICK TIME PERFORMANCE

What is an Exhaust Valve?

An exhaust valve is an electronic component that is installed professionally in the exhaust system at a suitable point and allows the driver full control of how the vehicle should sound by way of a switch or remote control unit, have the vehicle whisper quiet as the current exhaust or wake up the town, the choice is yours at the flick of a switch.

Which Exhaust valve is best?

QUICK TIME PERFORMANCEThere are many exhaust valves on the market and obvious leader is manufactured by QTP Performance, as the most reliable, we have been fitting valves for many years and the QTP is by far the best, cheap alternatives, either lock open or lock shut leaving you in an embarrassing position, worst still cheap alternatives rattle annoyingly, we have also seen these valves fitted inside mufflers but when they go wrong the whole system has to be changed.

More Size Options than any other Cutout on the Market!

Kits are available for any application from classic cars to  muscle including high tech imports. Sizes range from 2.25″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ there is also a Low-Profile Oval Cutout available.

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