The Mercedes S class, the flagship of the Mercedes brand, here we decided to do something subtle and different in the sense that we love the S65 model however with a huge price tag of around £120,000 it is certainly not within everyone’s budget and it certainly wasn’t around ours so we decided to buy a slightly cheaper version and located a 350 diesel engined bluetec version.

The front and rear bumpers along with the side skirts are very much different on the S 65, one thing we didn’t want to do this vehicle was to add anything made from glass fibre but we did manage to purchase all the parts in the original Mercedes material from another supplier, the front wings are made of aluminium so what we decided to do was create our own cut out version by keeping the original wings, certainly not a task for the fainthearted to start chopping up these expensive parts however as you will see from the pictures we managed to achieve an amazing end result.

The suspension on these vehicles are all run on air and the suspension was modified to give a more lowered look to enhance the wheels and the overall stance of the vehicle, we decided to change the rims for something which is quite individual and went for 22 inch MRR designer rims with Pirelli P Zero tyres, when the sun hits the rims there is a brilliant shimmer which flickers as the vehicle drives creating an absolutely awesome effect.

One of the best things about this Mercedes is the colour a lot of people were asking us has been repainted as they have never seen such a beautiful colour, the answer is no it is an original Mercedes paint, when the sun hits it you can see red glitter and a certain glow, quite unique as the majority of S classes on the road either black or silver.

The chap who purchase this vehicle drove all the way from Stoke he actually spent the night here in a local hotel before having the pleasure of driving this back to his hometown.