When Mercedes unveiled the CLS it was regarded as the most radical move Mercedes had ever undertaken and the public absolutely loved this vehicle, the shape they had created gave me Goosebumps when I first laid my eyes on this.

Having scoured the Internet the best model we could find was this car because it had all the extras we were looking for, low mileage, well looked after and in excellent shape the only thing we disliked was the colour of the vehicle it was a light gold.

On this Mercedes we decided to go for a complete body kit however there are many kits which are either over-the-top or do not represent today’s look, once we had acquired the body kit we then set about modifying that to what we thought how the vehicle should look, we painstakingly fitted the kit making sure that all the gaps and the lines looked perfect.

Once the vehicle was painted even the paint shop agreed that the vehicle looked absolutely beautiful. The interior was immaculate and did not need anything doing to it, nor did the engine.

We drove this vehicle 3000 miles after entering the Modball rally, we drove from London to Amsterdam to Luxembourg to Milan to Vienna to Venice to Bratislava ending up in Prague, driving all day and partying all night, sober of course. This vehicle was also seen in Europe and somebody decided to film it in one of the hotels and produced a video and put it on the Internet you can view that below.

Back in London the vehicle was used as a show car at the Uxbridge show, we had a great day and as we were packing up a customer came along and fell in love with the vehicle asked us in detail about what we had done and made a decision there and then that he would purchase the vehicle at whatever cost, in the next five days I had delivered the vehicle to his house and as promised the full payment was made by transfer.

We still get the odd email where somebody has seen the vehicle on the roads and sent us an image, it’s nice to know that the vehicle is being used regularly.