Regarded as one of the best cars ever built to leave the Mercedes factory, finding a really good example of this vehicle is like finding hen’s teeth, we scoured the Internet for over a year and saw many 560’s until we located this vehicle and had to travel all the way to Wales to retrieve it.

After a thorough inspections the car seem to be clean but once we got back to the workshop and removed some of the grime that had built up over the years we were shocked to see that there was not a speck of rust on the vehicle anywhere the car was as new, you can see from the pictures how immaculate the vehicle is not only from the outside but from the areas you cannot normally see underside and inside the wheel arches, remove the bumpers and again no rust.

To heavily customise a vehicle like this would be insulting therefore we decided to make subtle changes without affecting the pedigree of the vehicle too much, the original paintwork had faded a little so a complete repaint was commissioned and three piece wheels were fitted which had 22 carat gold plated studs holding the rims together, this alone was a challenge to find, new tires fitted, the interior was completely stripped (we still have the original interior intact with all the original paneling) the interior was then re-trimmed in high-quality white leather and the company logo was embroidered into the seats.

The entire exhaust was rebuilt so that the V8 rumble can be heard, when the vehicle is idling there is a gentle bubble on full throttle the vehicle roars but on day-to-day trips it is certainly not boy racer type of sound, the entire system was built using profusion mufflers to deliver an awesome deep tone.

The engine is completely stock and no modifications were made.
To get the stance of the vehicle just right the suspension was modified to give the vehicle and one lowered and wide look.

We have seen the prices of these vehicles shoot up, recently two examples were sold and they were not in any better condition than what we have and sold in excess of £42,000.

This vehicle is now in long-term storage and comes out when there is a major car show to attend.