Profusion Customs Project Cars

We all like to think that we have a bug for modifying vehicles, it’s about being different and elite and gives us a pleasant feeling knowing that we have something out of the norm, however what one sees as being modified, may be seen differently by others.

On one hand you have the modifier who wants to just add on a few bolt on bits and on the other end of the scale you have someone like Chip Foose who goes to extreme lengths to create a piece of art, there is never a right or wrong way because modifying cars is about one’s own personality, you will always get the clown who thinks that putting a scoop on the roof is modification but hey, each to their own.

Here at Profusion Cars we have a long history in modifying cars and an eye for detail, whereas we take on our own projects we can also offer our service to others, so if you have an idea about making changes to your vehicle and not sure exactly what you should be doing or don’t want to attempt the work yourself, then call us, we can undertake the project for you, no matter how small the job to complete rebuilds from start to finish, because we do the work ourselves we have an extremely high attention to detail and make sure work is carried out to perfection.

Some modifiers just look at the latest trends on the internet and copy and some don’t have a clue one thing is important is that it must be in your blood if you are to appreciate the end result, because we have spent our whole lives in the automotive scene and understand the obstacles we are your perfect team.

Since Profusion Customs started we have completed 3 projects, the first was a 1992 classic mini, the second was a Mercedes CLS and the third a Mercedes S Class, our latest project is a Porsche 964.

  • 1992 Classic Mini Sprite

  • Mercedes 350 CLS

  • Mercedes 350 S Class

  • Mercedes 560 SEC

  • Porsche 911 964

  • Ferrari Testarossa Koenig Special