Profusion Customs 1992 Classic Mini Sprite

1992 Classic mini Sprite was our very first project car, it all started when one evening just before locking up it was mentioned that we should create a project car, one of the main reasons was as we were distributors for MagnaFlow it would have been a good idea to build a car with a complete MagnaFlow system on it, we did not want one which just required bolting on, we wanted one which would demonstrate complete fabrication.

Having gone through all the options we ended up with choosing a classic mini, we then set about sketching how we wanted the end result to look, over the next few days we used digital imaging programs to add colour to the design. The next obvious step was to locate a car, this is probably one of the most important things and that is to start off with a good rust free clean vehicle, over the next few months we managed to find one it was a bright red 1992 mini Sprite.

The first thing we did was to strip the car of its interior and exterior lights etc. as we wanted to create a real smooth classy look for the vehicle, the vehicle was fully de-seamed the door handles were removed the lights were welded shut and a glass fibre body kit was added. The body kit was secured with great accuracy, we were not happy with the glass fibre bonnet so the bonnet bulge was removed and refitted onto the original steel bonnet of the vehicle for better accuracy and alignment.

The interior was fully covered in Dynamat material to absorb any vibrations and sound, the interior was fully re-trimmed around a 4500 W sound system, so both the rear seats had to go. Electric door poppers were used on both driver and passenger door and also on the tailgate.

The vehicle was then painted in a white pearlescent paint with gold undertones, you can see this entire transformation in step-by-step on this video below.

The only time this vehicle was taken to show was in 2010 attending the London to Brighton run where it was a real showstopper and attracted a lot of attention. We wanted to keep the vehicle however space was an issue so we decided to sell the vehicle to an enthusiast who can appreciate the amount of work that we had put into the car and who could also continue to show the car in its full glory, having sold the vehicle the current owner was approached by mini world magazine asked if they could run an editorial on the vehicle as they had never seen anything with such beauty, he agreed and you can see the full write-up below.

It was a shame to see the vehicle leave our premises however all good things come to an end and this allowed us to work on another project.