PORSCHE 911 964 C4 1991

This is our current project we were looking to purchase this car last year however due to work commitments we were unable to do so, in one year alone we have seen the prices of the 964 rocket, the turbo versions of well over a £100,000 mark whereas the cheaper models are either the Targa top or the convertible the most expensive of these is the coupe version and very hard to get hold of, we were fortunate enough to acquire a Carrera 4 left hand drive 964 hardtop, with no sunroof in excellent condition with low mileage, so the base vehicle cost us £35,000.

We have some great plans for this vehicle and this will not undergo any subtle change, the interior will be completely redone, Turbos will be added and so will a wide arch body kit so visit this page every now and again to see what we have done to the vehicle so far, we propose to start in February 2015.

This vehicle will sound like a war zone.