Mercedes CLS 500 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

The owner of this Mercedes was extremely proud of his vehicle and wanted to find better ways of improving the sound and the performance at the same time he also had the work completed by the same company as a vehicle 2, he told the company of what he would like to achieve and they told him that they can do the job and advised him to remove the two resonators and replace that section with an X pipe, this made logical sense to the customer and he agreed, he had been on forums and read about the massive difference and X pipe can make.

The work was completed and over the next few months he noticed the vehicle had lost its performance which was opposite to what he was told, furthermore his fuel consumption had gone through the roof, when he went back and asked them for an explanation and a solution, he was told that the ECU needs to recalibrate itself for the change in performance due to the X pipe, he did not buy this theory and continue to argue with the company only to be told to F-off.

He approached us with a second opinion and see what could have caused this and what he could do to get his vehicle back to what it was, he said he knew of Profusion Customs but the other company did a pretty good job of deterring him from coming to us. The vehicle was booked in and when we put this on the ramp as again another surprise or shall I say not a surprise because of the kind of work we have seen from this company.

The whole idea of an X pipe is that it creates a scavenging effect in V Block engines when the gases merge there needs to be a larger area as not to restrict the gases from locating thus when they should past in high velocity the scavenging effect pulls the gases.

Again this company had no idea of how exhaust systems work what they had done was disgusting they had simply used 2 Y pipes welded together which caused a massive constriction, this not only would have made him lose performance but because the gases are unable to vacate his fuel consumption would have gone through the roof and had this not been rectified further damage to the engine would have followed.

We showed him what we would do we showed him what a proper X pipe looks like and how it functions, we redid the work and again customers ended up paying twice for the job just to get it done right. The other thing was they had trimmed the rear bumper with a hacksaw which left a totally bad finish and edge, there are specialist tools that are required to trim the bumper they obviously did not have them.

You can see from the images what they had done and how it was rectified.