Installing MagnaFlow Cat-Back Case Study

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Magnaflow supply complete ready to bolt on performance cat-back stainless steel exhausts which any competent person can install themselves, some customers have taken on this task in their own drive without a ramp, just using a trolley jack and stands, however we do advise this be conducted by a mechanic in a workshop environment using the correct tools and vehicle lifting equipment.

Here is an example case study of how to install a cat-back system on a 2015 Jeep SRT 5.7 the whole project took around an hour and a half and the sound went from dull to exciting, giving a much better driving experience. Most cat-backs supplied by Magnaflow come with everything you need for the project and the same principle applies to all Magnaflow Cat-Backs.


Once you have visited our online shop and purchased the correct Cat-Back system for your vehicle, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to install the system.  Magnaflow supply the complete kit which comes in a strong box, with the relevant part number and system schematic on the side, inside you will find all parts including any clamps and fixing instructions.

Layout all the parts and mock up the system on the floor to familiarise yourself on what part goes where, this will avoid any fitting or mis-alignment issues and will help you understand and install the system without a hitch, position the clamps in the relevant positions and familiarize yourself with the existing system on the car.



In this particular vehicle the Magnaflow system has been designed to utilise the existing tail pipes, which are Black Chrome, by simply loosening the clamp, the tail pipes come off easily, be careful not to drop them, the next stage will require 2 people and supporting stands as the entire system will be removed as one piece as there is no join, this is the cat-back system. Loosen all the existing hangers and by using a pry bar the rubber mounts can be released.

The entire system can be lowered making sure to tilt the system so the rear boxes do not catch the rear bumper, this again should be carried out by 2 persons for safety reasons as the existing exhaust is quite heavy, care should be taken as to catch any body parts, once the system is on the floor, make sure it is well out of the way.



Now that the area is clear, the new Magnaflow exhaust can be assembled part by part, starting from the front, the 2 resonators are positioned in the correct place, hand tighten the flanges and allow the rubber hangers to support the section, do not tighten in place, next comes the center X-pipe section, making sure the tubes roll upwards, not downwards, gently push the two sections together, a rubber mallet can be used to gently tap into place, it will be a good idea to support this section with a stand.

The rear boxes can now be raised into the correct place and the rubber mounts can be fixed, now is the time to jiggle the entire system in place and tighten all hanger points the front flanges can now be tightened and the mountings should find the correct position, once this has been completed the tail pipes can now be tightened in place.



The exhaust should now undergo a full inspection, paying attention to clearances, making sure there is adequate space from the body, also do a visual inspection to make sure the system does not have a twist, one of the key features of a Magnaflow system is the accuracy of the fitment. Once you are happy with a visual inspection, retighten all bolts and lower the car.

Once the vehicle is on the floor the tail pipes can be fine tuned for perfect alignment, this can easily be done by loosening the securing nut, make the necessary adjustment and tighten. Now this where the fun starts, fire up the car and enjoy the deep new burble as the engine idles, which switches to a deep roar when stepping on the accelerator, take the vehicle for a test drive and that’s it you are ready to enjoy a whole new driving experience, you will notice over the next few hundred miles of driving the exhaust sound will get deeper and deeper as it continues to settle in and coke up.