We feel Knowledge is everything, as with the right information you are better equipped to make the right decisions, helping you avoid unnecessary issues in the long term, we want you the customer to be better informed, so please read our FAQ’s If your still unsure about a specific subject then please email us as we will be only too happy to help. Complete the Quick Quote Form.

Exhaust Related

There can only be 2 reasons why your exhaust is too loud, if the change in sound was sudden then you either have a broken section or secondly, a budget exhaust system has been fitted during its lifetime, unfortunately there are many suppliers in the UK who only have suitable silencers for small engine cars and they may not have the silencing power or build quality to withstand pressures of your car, the other thing to take in to account is that the system may have been built totally incorrectly, to diagnose it fully, run the vehicle over to us and we can give you a free inspection and provide a solution. For those who want it loud we have a muffler for you, as we don’t have a one size fits all, but over 140 different ones to make sure you get the right one to your requirements.

The worst thing is we have experience that many customers with cars in excess of £50,000 have gone to budget companies thinking they are getting a fantastic stainless steel system in return their original system has been sold on eBay under a different name for loads of money and a totally inadequate system has been fitted in its place with dire consequences, so please do your research before you decide on which company to choose to commission your work, best thing, visit them and ask the right questions, if it doesn’t feel right, look elsewhere.

We get many calls where customers have opted to have a budget exhaust company build them a system just because it was cheap and the results have been disastrous, we have a wall of shame littered with exhaust systems we have removed and some are just laughable, some look as if they had been built by a total amateur, some have had the system just installed and have been back to complain and they are fobbed off. The worst thing we often hear is that when they went back, they realise that the company has closed down and another company in its place doing exactly the same thing, so beware, I dare say this is also some kind of tax avoidance system and the only winner is the exhaust company, so please read reviews, talk to others, look through forums, we are gobsmacked at the number of people who get tricked into thinking that all exhaust companies are the same, there are of course other reputable firms.

We don’t profess to be the cheapest nor are we the dearest, but what we are is a reliable family run company that specialises in just exhausts and can ensure you get an awesome system at a great price.

We are proud to mention that we have mufflers that are built to deliver a beautiful smooth deep tone, not obtrusive or harsh to listen to, nor loud, there many factors that are taken in to account to deliver this. One thing is for certain, you will not get a boy racer sound but a nice burble when idling and a much more enjoyable sound on acceleration, we can of course if space is available, make the system quiet or as loud as you want.

A system which has been built incorrectly using the wrong size of tubing can result an amplification in sound and this factor needs to be built into the equation.

First thing to decide is, do you want to keep the sound of the exhaust the same as before, if so the best option is to buy an original mild steel system from the manufacturer, if its available that is, as some customers have told us it has to be imported and the cost is in the thousands.

Decide if you plan to keep the car, or keep its value high by replacing the exhaust with a stainless steel one. Once you have decided then the best way forward is to bring the vehicle in to us for a visual inspection and quote, our exhaust technician can then go through all your options to help you make the right decision.

We hear this quite often where customers have purchased a high power car but the standard system is dead quiet which make it difficult to enjoy the ride, we can understand your dilemma and also understand you don’t want it too loud, rest assured we have the mufflers to do just that, pop in and see us so the exhaust technician can fully understand what you are trying to achieve.
Not many, a blowing exhaust is dangerous because harmful gases escape and find themselves in the cabin, which may cause harm, so as soon as you discover a leak or sound change, get it checked out immediately, bring it in to us for a full investigation.

If the exhaust is blowing then there is obviously a reason, the last thing you want is for it to fall off while you are driving to work on a motorway and it’s raining, avoid this and get it checked. Replacing your system with a stainless steel exhaust will make sure you never have an issue regarding the exhaust system ever again this is a great way of keeping costs down in the long-term.

The laws for exhausts and emissions are always changing but a new exhaust will not affect your MOT if you are replacing it from the Cat-back, any changes before the catalyst could affect it, if unsure just call our exhaust technician for guidance or drop us an email.
It could well be, catalytic converters do not last a lifetime and replacement ones are only covered for period of 12 months from date of purchase, and yes that can go wrong, there are many factors which can affect the catalyst and the most common culprit is your engine, so it is imperative to make sure you service the car on time and replace defected parts immediately, use proper oil, not cheap oil as this will only cost more in the future.

A common tell-tale that the catalytic converted is faulty is you may hear a tinging sound when the car is started and you may notice power loss and high fuel consumption, if the cat breaks down fully then broken parts can get lodged somewhere in the system and cannot be removed, the only solution is to replace the complete system, so as soon as you notice any change, get it checked.

There can be a number of reasons, one of the most common reasons is that the standard system you have may be too low, the hanging rubbers may have stretched and need replacing, but we are getting more and more people complaining that the speed bumps are too high, this represents a major problem, combined, if you were unfortunate to clip a high spot it can rip the whole system from the manifold and cause a lot of expensive damage, this is why when we build you a system we make sure you get maximum ground clearance by building the system high to clear obstacles.
This means that something has gone wrong with the vehicle and need to be checked by a competent mechanic immediately, by ignoring this message could result in further damage, once a diagnostic test is completed and an error report is available, this will identify what needs, fixing, if any error code shows a problem with the exhaust system, the most likely culprit is either the DPF, catalyst or Lambda sensors.

We have a comprehensive Bosch diagnostic tool to identify the issue, call to make a booking now.

How long is a piece of string? We cannot quote accurately until we have conducted a visual inspection and have discussed your aspirations, some companies give you a low price and charge more once the job starts, we do not do that as we want to make sure we are clear with our customers from the outset.

We are proud to mention that customers have driven to us from as far as Germany and France, 6 from Scotland alone as well as all parts of the UK and it doesn’t make sense to make two trips, in this case the first thing to do is to complete a quick quote form (HERE) and then call in to speak to the exhaust technician who will be able to give you a guide price, an accurate quote will be provided after inspection and after we know what you are looking to achieve from your system. At one time if you are on the market for a stainless exhaust system there was no option but to pay around £2000 there are budget companies who can build your system around £300 and it doesn’t take a genius to work out you only get what you pay for.

There are many reasons, we have been told by customers many times that the aftermarket mild steel exhaust they purchased did not last a year some as little as 6 months, do you really want to have the hassle every time, probably not, then consider stainless steel, it lasts a lifetime and will enhance the value of your vehicle whilst delivering a better tone, a much better overall investment.

Don’t be deluded by thinking all stainless steel exhaust are the same many customers have opted for cheap stainless steel systems advertised on eBay and other sites only to receive a tin can that has no silencing power whatsoever just because you see a shiny box does not mean it’s a functioning silencer.

This is why we supply what is regarded as one of the best stainless steel exhaust silencer is in the world, click here to learn more about our mufflers.

The tailpipe or tip as it is often referred is very important as this is the only part of the exhaust system that is visible, just by changing this part alone can make a dramatic difference to the way the vehicle is viewed, as long as space is available there are a number of styles that you can opt for, if you have a single tip you can change it for a dual tip, if you have a dual tip you can opt for a quad.
We can build you a dual exhaust instead of a single system, if you currently have one exhaust exiting at the back either the left or right we can on most cars fit a similar one on the opposite side for a more uniform look, by using specialist tooling we can accurately trim the rear valance to make the whole rear end look stock, a lot depends on space available.

If you have a diffuser which is fitted separately to the rear bumper, this can be changed if the manufacturer of the car has one available, there are many companies currently supplying different diffusers, please contact us or search the Internet.

The flex pipe is a part of the exhaust system which is normally fitted to vehicles with transverse engines, the main purpose of the flex pipe is to prevent premature damage to the manifold by absorbing vibrations and expansion movement of the exhaust.

Most manufacturers install this part on the downpipe of the exhaust system as it exists from the manifold due to constant movement this part is extremely common to fail, once this part has failed there is no option but to replace the entire downpipe as manufacturers do not supply this as a separate part, we were shocked to learn that some customers ended up paying thousands of pounds just because this part failed but had to purchase the entire downpipe complete with catalytic converter, we therefore decided to manufacture and supply this flex joint as a standalone part, there are two versions one which is a clamp on version and can be used where space allows and pipes must meet on equal level, the other part is available as a weld on only and must be installed and fitted by a competent mechanic or exhaust company.

We supply a wide variety of sizes in varying lengths please contact us if you require us to supply and install this part for you.

Not a single day goes by where we do not receive a call regarding this issue where customers have gone to an exhaust company to have a system installed and are very displeased with the end result, when questioned why they went there in the first place answer has always been because they were cheap, well you get what you pay for and in some cases all you have paid for is misery and aggravation.

We do recommend you take your complaint to the company and try to come to some resolution, once you have explored and drained yourself of all options the results is usually the entire system has to be built again. There are many factors that one needs to take into account when building an exhaust system, this is one of the most important parts to allow your engines to function properly.

The main components that can result in a bad exhaust system is the exhaust silencer and tubing and most important is how they are built, and unfortunately due to the high manufacturing costs of these parts and the public demand for wanting to pay less and less only results in inferior products this is why we will only supply you high quality parts that are built for the purpose.

We can build you an exhaust system to your specification taking into account all of the factors that are important to you at a price that is competitive, in the first instance complete a quick quote form here is the link to action the process.

We can build you an exhaust system for almost any car, or van from the manifold all the way to the tailpipe, from racing cars to MPV’s, we fabricate exhaust for many unusual vehicles, from kit cars to specially made vehicles for disabled people etc. Contact us with your requirement.
This is a common issue where a car has been imported replacement parts are often extremely difficult to get hold of and even if they are available you can be assured the costs are astronomical therefore one of the best options is to actually fabricated on your vehicle for your vehicle a custom-built exhaust system has much better fitment then an original stock system. In most cases they stainless steel exhaust system often works out cheaper, contact us for a quote or complete the quick quote form here.
It is quite normal for a dealer of a specific brand of vehicle to charge a higher price for a replacement exhaust, the high price also means that the item may not be easily or readily available therefore may have to be imported, manufacturers do not supply anything other than an original OEM system replacement.

We receive many calls and have completed many jobs for manufacturers who are unable to supply a suitable exhaust system for their customer’s vehicle.

Drone is where a vehicle emits an continuous tone at certain revs, it is most apparent when you are travelling at a constant speed on a motorway, with any aftermarket exhaust system there is always a certain element of drone and this can be controlled as long as spaces available, how the drone is controlled is simply by installing a resonator of suitable size to keep this down to a minimum.

This has always been an issue for customers who demand the exhaust to be loud, the louder the exhaust means that there is little way to control the pitch of the drone. When we design and build exhaust systems which cover the fact and by asking the customer how and what their driving habits are we can advise on the type of tone that can be expected, it is near impossible to produce the perfect sounding exhaust system due to the factors taken into account, if you are mostly driving on the motorway then we would advise that when you discuss an exhaust system with us you raise this point and let us know how you want the system to sound

Yes we can, this is the most crucial part of an exhaust system because it is the area that takes the biggest battering, don’t forget this area is where the many explosions in the engine are formed.

The key for any manifold has to be that every port should be of equal length, up until now this has been a very difficult task for many manifold companies and this is why building manifolds is usually done by specialists, as we are a specialist stainless steel exhaust company we also have the facilities and expertise to build new an equal length manifold to race quality, we have become the official distributors for icengineworks who have invented a precision exhaust manifold modelling system. Contact us with your requirement.

A stainless steel exhaust system used to be a luxury item for the rich and famous however due to manufacturing costs and cheaper raw materials the cost of a stainless steel system has dropped dramatically and is now in the reach of almost anyone.
It makes obvious sense is to have a stainless steel exhaust system on any classic or rare car, in mild steel system does not have to be used for it to corrode whereas they stainless steel system will remain as is for the remaining life of that vehicle it is the first chosen choice for any classic kind usually asked not only will it enhance the vehicle but add to its investment value.
Yes you can change the exhaust of a brand-new vehicle however due to emission controls and MOT it is important not to tamper with the area up to the secondary lambda sensor what you do after that or what is referred to as a Cat-back system is up to you however if you are concerned about warranty issues from the manufacturer, ask the manufacturer for guidance and clarification before making any changes to your current exhaust.
We see many customers they enjoy their vehicles on track days and racing events and the important issues that always comes to light is the fact that the DB level also referred to as the sound level must be kept within certain tolerances, every organised track event has clear guidelines how loud the exhaust system can be before it is allowed to even enter, we supply over 140 different variants so there is always a muffler which will be suitable for your vehicle, contact us with your requirement.
One of the hardest things to do when you’re on the market for any product is to get the right advice and the right guidance some people just go blind and make purchases and regret their decision and wish they had covered all the implications, some people read reviews and speak to people on forums, if you had a health issue you wouldn’t be posting it on the Internet and allow strangers to advise you what you should be doing so why speak to strangers this is why we are here to help you at exhaust specialists you will get full impartial advice and get the right information to help you make the correct decision.
Unlike some exhaust companies who sell old systems that have been removed on the Internet to make some extra cash, we do not, therefore if you want to take your old system with you we are happy to allow you to do this however this last me removed at the same time as the vehicle is being collected, as we do not have the vision to store all systems. Any DPF’s or catalytic converters are recycled and are not returned to the customer.
DPF’s are causing a major concern for people due to the fact that they may not operate effectively due to your driving habits, there are strict guidelines on how a DPF can regenerate itself under normal circumstances, sometimes the regeneration process is halted and can cause major harm to the vehicle, if this is the case we have specialised tooling that on certain vehicles we can force the regeneration process, please contact us with your issue and we will advise you the best way forward.

Business Related

This is not unheard of in fact we know of many companies that have closed down leaving a lot of customers with nowhere to go, most of them are franchise exhaust companies cannot sustain the level of business due to the products they sell, this is why it is important to work with a reputable company that shows they have been in business for many years and the books are full with work, there is little chance of companies like this closing down and should you ever have an issue you have someone that you can go back to.

We have invested heavily in our business everything we have is fully paid for our premises are not rented but have been purchased which means we are the freeholders.

Yes we can offer a collection service however the cost has to be borne by you, the customer we will commission a reputable vehicle transporter company to collect your vehicle bring it to us to have the work done and have the vehicle transported back. Please contact us if this is your requirement.
There is plenty to do while we build your exhaust system, most jobs can be completed within one day which means as long as we have the vehicle here by 10 AM then by 6 PM the latest you are free to drive away, jobs that require longer would be advised at time of booking.

We are very close in fact only minutes away from the Heathrow terminal five airport and there is plenty to do around here, there are many hotels for you to lounge in, there is a go-karting centre opposite us, a local bus ride will take you into the shopping centre, we also run a complimentary service where we are quite happy to take up to 2 passengers free of charge and dropped them to the terminal five underground station where you can take a train into central London and spend a day sightseeing, when you come back we will come to collect you and bring you back to the vehicle, this must be prearranged and is only available for customers who have commissioned a complete Cat Back system.

We are quite easy to find, we are minutes away from M4 junction 5, M25 Junction 14 and A4 Bath Road, please click here to see a video showing the driving route from various motorway points to our premises.
We are in the process to offer you a courtesy vehicle while exhaust is being built, this will be introduced sometime next year 2015 and will only be available for customers who commission a complete Back system, so while we build your exhaust you will be free to travel anywhere and have the vehicle returned to us by 6 PM the same day, please contact us if you would like to use this service.
The only exhaust that can be posted to you is a direct fit MagnaFlow system, we are unable to post you a custom-built system as we build on the car only, we get many requests where people are willing to send us drawings however this will not work because a custom exhaust system is handmade for perfect fitment.
Direct fit is where system is available which comes with all the necessary items to replace your existing system and a custom-built is when the exhaust is fabricated on your vehicle by hand.
Trade discounts are available however the quantities have to be large, please e-mail us with the items you are interested in and the volumes required.
We are open from Monday to Saturday Opening hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM
Unfortunately we do not offer finance for our products, in 2012 we obtained our credit consumer license and set up to offer 0% finance on our complete exhaust systems, to our surprise we only had one customer who asked to use this service therefore this service was terminated.
we are more than happy to talk with you if you have any questions prior to purchasing a product, no question is ridiculous or silly so no matter what query you have, just call us directly to ask and we will do our best to assist.
For our trade customers or people looking to buy a direct fit MagnaFlow exhaust system we have set up an online shop which is fully secure for taking orders, this request is then passed on to our warehouse team who will organise to dispatch your goods promptly.
Our main service is purely stainless steel exhaust systems and this is our speciality however we do offer a tuning and remapping service, please visit our website for a full list of our products and services, or contact us with your requirement.
We are proud that we get numerous recommendations, this is a testimony to our high quality workmanship, the person who makes the recommendation should be proud that he is forwarding details where someone will also come back and thank them, the person receiving the recommendation should also feel proud that the recommender mentioned us.
We are not a franchise we are a private family run company with many years of experience in the automotive industry, we don’t rent our premises as we are freeholders, we get many enquiries from businesses looking to take up our franchise due to our manner of work.