Profusion Customs are Leaders when it comes to a Custom Built Stainless Steel Exhaust System, distributors for Magnaflow our systems deliver a smooth deep tone and NO boy racer sound, unless you want it.

The fact that you have reached this page means you are in the market for a new stainless steel exhaust system; firstly it is important to establish a few things, ask yourself, why do I need a stainless steel exhaust system? Is it because you?

  • Had a cheap stainless exhaust fitted and it’s too loud
  • Want more performance
  • Want better sound
  • Want to change the way my car looks
  • Want it to last a lifetime
  • Having emission issues
  • Exhaust is hitting speed bumps
  • Exhaust is rusted
  • Cannot get hold of an original system
  • Mild steel replacement exhaust did not last long
  • Cannot find a replacement
  • The catalytic converter or DPF is gone
  • The car is drinking too much fuel
  • You notice a loss in performance

As you can see the list is never-ending because everybody has a different reason, one thing is for certain, whatever the motive, we have the precise solution.

The other most important consideration is cost; Stainless steel exhausts can be more expensive than mild steel ones but work and deliver very differently, however we have seen that over the years the cost difference is not that great, and some stainless steel system can work our cheaper.

We know there are a lot of stainless steel exhaust companies to choose from but some lack the right products, quality, workmanship and ethics, there are more companies selling cheaper and cheaper just to become competitive, this thinking creates more problems than it solves, you get an inferior product and are left worse off, needless to say some have closed down and left a lot of unhappy customers behind. Yes understandably if you have a small budget to get your exhaust replaced then you will have to opt for a budget system, but what is surprising is that we meet many customers who have the money and have gone to a budget company for the exhaust and think they have done well, (boasting, “I got a stainless steel system on my Mercedes for just £400” only to moan later that the car is too loud and Drones and the company has disappeared) he didn’t know is that they sold his old system on the internet for more money, What he didn’t realise is that we are not that expensive either, if only he came to see us first.

Custom Built Stainless Steel Exhausts

The Process to Custom Built Exhaust


whitecarOne of the first things you need to address is cost, as much as we would love to give you a quotation over the phone we realise that this is not always the best option, the correct way is to bring the car in for a visual inspection, this is where the exhaust technician can go through all areas relevant to giving you an accurate quotation, he will take a lot of factors into account, he will also understand how the vehicle will be driven to advise you on how the system will be built for the right level of sound. Most companies will just give you a one off price and finish the job within the budget even if this means cutting corners or they will ask you for more money when you turn up to do the job, we are very clear and will make sure you get the right quote for the job, making sure you also understand the build process.

We have had many customers who have travelled from all parts of UK and in these circumstances it does not make logistical sense to call in for a quote and bring the car back if the work, therefore if you are more than 50 miles from our premises then call us for a guide price, once you are happy with this a date can be agreed and a holding deposit will be taken, all you have to do now is bring the car in on the specified time and date.


Once your car is with us, you have various options while the exhaust is being built, you can wait for the work to be completed, this can be anywhere from 1 to 8 hours depending on what is required, secondly we could drop you to Heathrow T5 underground station and spend a day in London sightseeing and when you come back we can arrange to collect you. (Terms apply) or visit local shops and restaurants, the choice is yours.

We will again confirm what work will be done, you can finalise the tail pipe choice etc. a job sheet will be completed showing a schematic diagram of what the new system will look like. We then photograph the old system, possibly make a video recording and if requested we can even take a sound level DB reading.


Once the vehicle is on the ramp, your old system is carefully removed, making sure no parts of the vehicle are damaged during this process, the old system is usually sent for scrap however if you wish to retain your old system you are welcome to take it with you (except cats and DPF’s), please let us know before the work begins.