BMW E92 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

This customer came to us to take a look at his exhaust as he had a new replacement exhaust in stainless steel installed by a well-known specialist workshop just 2 weeks ago, said he had been back many times complaining off banging noises and the vehicle tone was very loud and sounded like a leaking exhaust, he got fed up of being fobbed off that the system will settle down, he needs to leave it alone for a while and so on.

We asked him if he had taken a look at what they had actually done and he said no I simply took their word for everything, he did say that he was so happy with the way the vehicle looked he had some really nice shiny tailpipes but felt something was wrong.

The vehicle was booked in and when we put it up on the ramp the customer was able to see exactly where the issues lay, if you look at the pictures you will see what we mean, it almost seemed as if the entire exhaust system was built out of scrap cut-off pieces of stainless steel tubing and the most worrying thing was they had used two different silencers which were both second-hand which were obviously removed from another vehicle, when the customer saw this he was absolutely livid and said he would take this up with them legally because he felt completely ripped off, he said he did not object to the cost at all he was willing to pay whatever is necessary to get a brand-new exhaust system what he got was the opposite.

You can see from the images they used a second hand Milltec muffler which is clearly stamped, NOT FOR ROAD USE. The muffler used on the opposite side was different in size and make, The tubing was knocking on a bolt and the other side was so close to the boot floor where there was a plastic cover and this was melting, there was many areas where no welding had been applied and an obvious hole was left un-welded, clamps suitable for mild steel exhausts were used to clamp stainless steel, we have seen a lot of bodge jobs but this was well in the top 50.

He paid £450 for this harsh of a job and had to spend a further £650 with us to redo the job properly.