BMW E90 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

The owner of this BMW E 90 was an accountant not really savvy with cars but wanted to achieve a better look to his vehicle, he wasn’t concerned about performance or sound all he wanted was to change the original single tailpipe on one side to a dual system where there would be a matching tailpipe on the opposite side giving a more sportier look.

He said he went on to Google to find a company to do the work for him and he selected one company which was ranking quite high on the listings who profess to be the number 1 choice in west London, and contacted them for a quote, he said he was lured in by a reasonably cheap quotation given to him over the phone when he got there the quotation had changed to almost double what he was originally quoted, he said that as I was there and they told me they had the car booked in I was almost pressured into agreeing.

A few hours later the vehicle was completed and looked really good he could see as he stood from behind the vehicle there was now to matching tailpipes one on the left and one on the right, exactly what he wanted, over the next few months he went back to see them complaining that there was more smoke from the exhaust exiting from the left-hand side than there was on the right-hand side, he was always fobbed of and was told this will get better over time, eight months later this was still getting on his nerves because one of the tailpipes started to discolour while the other remained new looking.

During this period he had also been searching and came across our company via a forum and he was recommended to approach us, he came along, the vehicle was put on the ramp, what we saw also took us by surprise, they had simply welded a tube from one tailpipe to the other and charged him over £400 for the privilege, this was a totally inadequate and was built by someone that obviously had no understanding of exhaust systems.

We explained to the customer the only way for him to achieve what he initially wanted was to remove the entire rear section of the exhaust system and rebuild and branch off further back this is the only way equal smoke can emit from both tailpipes, the work was completed and the customer was finally satisfied with the results.